Managing Trustee


B.Com., MBA ( USA )

 Chairman, Founder & Life Time Trustee

Late Sri Venkappa M. Agadi

M.Com., LLB

Founder & Life Time Trustee, Chairman and Managing Trustee

Smt. Kamala V. Agadi


Founder & Life Time Trustee

Sri Ravindra V. Agadi

B.S., M.B.A (U.S.A)

Life Time Trustee

Dr. B.M. Agadi


Sri R. Krishnamani

B.Com., LL.B., ACIS( UK ), ACS MBIM( UK )

 Certified Internal Auditor, Florida (USA )

Trustee and Secretary



Sri Shishir Desai​

B.Com., LL.B., AKS

Mr. Premanand Gopal Shetty

Chief Executive Officer


Prof. Venkatasubba Setti
28.12.1879 to 12.10.1918

First Indian Aviator
Maternal grandfather of founder trustee Smt. Kamala V. Agadi. He studied in Roorkee Engineering College and worked in A.V. Roe & Co, England from 1912 to 1914, where he learned to build and fly propeller planes.

He was the first person to get Gold Medal from first British Aviator. He flew a plane within ten years after Wright brothers flew their first plane. He is the founder Principal of Bangalore Engineering School, which is now called as University, Visvesvaraya College of Engineering at Bangalore.

His life is a real inspiration to one and all.